Best Practice Courts – Attorney Access to Court Recordings

Zoom Hearing
The Michigan Supreme Court, the State Court Administrative Office, and the Michigan Judicial Institute are Simplifying Access to Justice. BEST PRACTICE COURTS For example, in the Best Practice Courts, attorneys pay $20, to obtain an AV recording of their hearing within days of the hearing:   Sample order forms: Order Form - Kalamazoo County (Model for Best Practice) Order Form - VanBuren County (Model for Best Practice)   In Best Practice Courts, attor...
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Does your court have a web page for ordering verbatim recordings and transcripts?

Like Michigan's 9th Judicial Circuit, every Court in Michigan should have a web page that simplifies the process of ordering audio/video files and, if needed, a transcription of the audio file. It's extremely simple. Would you like to LISTEN to your hearing BEFORE ordering a transcript? As authorized by the Michigan Supreme Court and supported by the State Court Administrative Office and the Michigan Judicial Institute, your court can easily be "Using Zoom to record for the Co...
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