Best Practice Courts – Attorney Access to Court Recordings

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The Michigan Supreme Court, the State Court Administrative Office, and the Michigan Judicial Institute are Simplifying Access to Justice. BEST PRACTICE COURTS For example, in the Best Practice Courts, attorneys pay $20, to obtain an AV recording of their hearing within days of the hearing:   Sample order forms: Order Form - Kalamazoo County (Model for Best Practice) Order Form - VanBuren County (Model for Best Practice)   In Best Practice Courts, attor...
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Michigan’s New Virtual Courtroom Directory: Keeping Courtrooms Open to the Public (Since 1776)

Every courtroom has a public galley, and the public's seats are still there. Public access to courtroom proceedings remains intact since 1776. Step 1: Visit Michigan's Virtual Courtroom Directory Web Page. Here's the link: Michigan Virtual Courtroom Directory. The hearing schedule is on your court's website.* It's extremely simple to link a .pdf of hearing schedules the court's web site. (Posting on-line can be completed in less time than it took to post at the door ...
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