Supporting community businesses, nonprofit organizations, and people.

Examples of  Services include:

  • Structuring, documenting, and closing of credit facility for the design, construction, and operation of a $7.8 million assisted living care center that now provides a continuum of care to members of the community. Deal structure included 10 related entities, 14 related trusts, 9 limited guarantors, and 5-entity borrower group and coordination to fit within federal regulations.
  • Structuring, documenting, and closing a commercial credit facility for the purchase of a medical office building, while respecting the building’s existing leasehold interests for numerous medical suites through increased communication non-disturbance and subordination agreements.
  • Structuring, documenting, and closing a credit facility for the design, construction, and operation of a $14.9 million fruit processing facility that provides Michigan growers with an industry-leading sorting capabilities prior to shipping. Deal structure accommodated the borrowing 24 related entities and trusts, many of which were nested as members of various limited liability companies.
  • Structuring, documenting, and closing mortgage-lending credit facilities for families and investment companies who seek to expand real estate holdings in northern Michigan, including the preservation of natural land, riparian, and littoral holdings.
Since 1837, the Kennedy-Stawski family has been dedicated to public service in Michigan as educators, civil servants, non-profit directors, board members, and community volunteers in addition to their professions in teaching, farming, engineering, dentistry, medicine, and law.  The family farm, established in 1837, is preserved as part of the National and State Registers of Historic Places.
Linking the past and present is Donna Kennedy-Stawski, a school teacher born in 1905.  She began teaching on Neebish Island and was recognized by former Governor William Milliken for her community service.  She passed in 1997 at the age of 92–but only after starting a transportation service for her retirement community known as “the magic carpet.” 

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